Monday, October 20, 2008

This Blog is closed.

I opened a new blog with a new name and new art.

Go here:

I will not update nachodoodles. I do not like the name of the blog and to be honest, I don't like most of the work shown here anymore. I still love concept art, SciFi, Fantasy art and everything in between, it's just not what I want to be doing right now. I might return to it at a later time, but for now I'm trying different things, which you can see at the new blog.
This place hasn't seen an update in a year, so I guess noone will even read this post... ;)


Monday, October 15, 2007

this n that

Here's a rather quick painting I did for a weekly activity at digitalartforum. The topic was "refuge". I won!
I actually did a rough 3d model in google sketchup, which was somehow stupid, since I don't have any weird perspective going on... oh well...

Then, there's this painting of a burnt-down forest I did last week, when Max and Bohne came over to draw/paint. (yeah we actually do that sometimes, we meet to sit together and paint. It's the artistic equivalent of a LAN-party, and yes, it's quite nerdy.)

Also, a pencil sketch! Yes, I still do these from time to time, it's not all digital..

Friday, September 07, 2007

Selfportrait (again...)

I just finished this selfportrait. Took some time..
I tried to achieve a more traditional look with some nice fleshtones. Realism is still quite difficult for me, I tend to stylize colors and facial features.
I have mixed feelings about the pose, it makes me look a kinda arrogant. Hank said that it looks like I'm working very concentrated, which was definitely the case..
I wish I could achieve something like this with real colors.

Anyways, it feels great to get back into the painting groove, I've been slacking hardcore over the last couple of weeks.

Edit: Ok, now I've changed and uploaded this pictures three times, I changed the nose, the eyes and the lips.. I'm getting tired of this.

rain machine

Here's something I painted the other day.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun with bricks

I bought two small Lego creator sets some time ago. It's fun to build stuff with a limited amount of parts, though I feel the urge to get more Lego, so I can build cooler shit.

First I made some kind of dragster/car thingie..

Then I built this aircraft/spaceship, with moveable parts and all..

I had a blast playing with Lego, it brought back quite a few childhood memories.. The most painful of them is that my parents sold all our Lego by the kilogram when we were older.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Reynold and Bronko..

I worked on the character sketch some more. I named the guy "Reynold" and he has a dog named Bronko.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Black Burt Reynolds..

So school's out until end of september and I've been lazy as hell. Also, I had a light food-poisoning last week, which was a great oppurtunity to watch all three seasons of Battlestar Galactica. It was awesome, but the last episode ended with a HUGE cliffhanger and I think I'm starting to show withdrawal symptoms already.

Anyways, I painted this just now, because I have to get back into things. I'm way too lazy.

I think he looks like Burt Reynolds. Kind of.
I actually think he's one of the guys flying the balloon from the last post.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Painted this tonight, when my friend Max came over to paint. We burned through two bottles of whine while he did a comissioned illustration (which turned out awesome) and I tried my hand at an environment.. I'm quite happy with the outcome.
The picture kind of emerged from some abstract shapes (as usual), but I took it a bit further than usual.

I feel like I've been making progress with my paintings lately, since I dare to move out of my comfort zone much more often than before.. It feels good.

Later we tried our hands on two collaborative paintings, but we where too drunk/tired to do anything decent and had used up all our creative juices on the bigger paintings. Still, these were fun to do. Quite speedy and stupid, too..



In other news, I finished all my college-projects in time (yay all-nighters) which makes me the most relaxed person on earth. Sleep is awesome.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here's a sketch I did yesterday.

And a lifedrawing.

Been pretty swamped with schoolwork lately..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

black and white.

Here's a speedy bw sketch I did today. We had crappy weather today, so no drawing outside for me...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's me.

Hello my loyal readers (both of you)..
it's been a while, but this time I've got a good reason! I moved to Hamburg to study illustration.
So far, everything has been pretty awesome.

I've been doing tons of lifedrawings, here's a small selection from my sketchbook.

And here's something I did for fun when Max came over for a nerdy speedpaintsession.

I'll try to do draw some architecture from life this week, and I want to draw more from imagination.
Stay tuned..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I painted this today, while I should have been doing important stuff:

I don't know why.
So now you know about my secret fetish.

Here's a quickie from last week:

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday I felt this slight pinch in my back and I tried to stretch to make it go away... and then all hell broke loose. My back hurts like hell, I got no sleep at all tonight. I turned 23 on the 8th, so this can only mean one thing.. I'm getting old.

Here's a sketchbook page, a selfportrait and a digital sketch..

I listen to a lot of party music lately, dirty synthesizers and stuff.... My lastfm charts say, I like Girl Talk. If you don't know who or what Girl Talk is, you lose.
You can get his latest track over at pitchfork. It makes me dance, even with a broken back.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

speedpaintings and schtuff

So what's been going on..
I'll be leaving my beloved Berlin soon, to go and study illustration in Hamburg. I'm excited!

Also, I did my first job as a caricature artist at a big event in Düsseldorf some time ago.. which was pretty awesome. I have some photos which I'll post next time. Thanks to Roberto for the hook-up, much aprreciated!

Did some speedpainting lately, some lifedrawings... not much more.

I get quite a few art-related comments concerning "style".. I guess I get influenced by other artists very easily, which bothers me a lot.
I'm well aware of the fact, that my stuff looks like this or that artist. I have a hard time deciding what I want my art to look like. I guess it will take some time to smooth out the bumps in my style.. everything will come together just fine some day - My influences, my knowledge and.. well, me.
It's just that I feel like it should be going faster.

Anyhow.. You guys will probably be able to tell who's making a big impression on me right now, by the pictures I post today. :)

Here's a knight I painted today.

I like painting fantasy related stuff from time to time.. so here's another one.

Some lifedrawings in my sketchbook, done in ballpoint pen. These are fairly small.

And some abstractizzle shizzle, which I painted one night when I couldn't sleep. Arty!

Nothing else to show right now. I should do some more pencil sketching or actually dabble with real paint..
So lazy.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Art and Dicks.

There was a call for entries for the show "anonyme künstler" (artists anonymous.. i think?) at the Bluetenweiss gallery some time ago. I sent in two pieces, one that I really liked and another one that I just sent because I thought sending only one would be kind of lame.
The one I liked didn't get into the show, the other one did.

Ironically I only scanned the one that didn't make it. Here it is.

I snapped a photo of the other one, it's the one on the right. The two pictures with cocks in them were the only two sexually explicit pieces in the whole show, I couldn't help it but wonder why they put me in the porn-corner..

I made some photos, you can click through them HERE.

I did another selfportrait (yeah I know, boring..)

This link is just for Beni, because I keep telling him to check out the exclusive sketchbook of Nic Klein on SO BENI IF YOU READ THIS, CLICK THIS LINK YOU LAZY &#!%§, IT'S WORTH IT.. If you are registered on Conceptart and for some obscure reason know my blog but never visited this awesome thread, do it now. If you are not registered, you should do it just for Nic's art.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Two older quickies

Some time ago,Roberto recorded a video of him doing a quick pencil sketch (timelimit was the length of the song "troy"). You can watch it here. I painted over the sketch. It reminds me of a character from "Asterix & Obelix" on steroids or something.

I also painted my good friend Benjamin some time ago. I had a crappy Fotoref (with flash), so it's not the most original thing ever.. it was more of a warm-up sketch.
I screwed up the glasses..

If you like wacky electronic music with beeps and boops, check out Crystal Castles, some of the stuff might cause a seizure so be careful, but make sure to give their track "Air War" a try. You can download it at their myspace page. Do it.

Ok, I'm off to partaaay. Have a nice weekend.
Jonas out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I finished my Thunderdome picture a minute ago. I really can't work on it any longer and when I notice that I'm just pushing pixels around it's usually the point where it's best to just stop and call it a day.

The topic was "the escape"..

Please click the image, it doesn't really make sense to look at it at this size.

It started out quite different from the final version.. the colors where warmer, the whole image was very... comic-style. After a few hours, I didn't like it anymore so I changed it. I'm pretty happy with the final painting.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Two pages from my sketchbook.

Tomorrow, I'll meet up with a bunch of guys from different forums. I don't know any of them, I hope to find some people who like to draw.

Marko Djurdjevic got a blog, go check it out. The guy actually lives about 15 minutes from my place now, small world.

James Jean shows how he works his magic on a Fables cover, go check it out!

Three new links on the right, Ondrej, Tonci Zonjic and Maxetormer. Go check'em out..

Currently, I'm listeing to The Blow, especially their track "Parantheses". Click the link.

In case of boredom, visit Shawn Barber's website (he is awesome) and go to his links, it's probably the best collection of links I've seen in a while. Great art and stuff. But make sure to look at Shawn's art first if you don't know him. If you do know his art, go check it out anyways.

That is all.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Astronauts rule.

I've been obsessed with astronauts lately. I bought this awesome hoodie with astronauts on it some time ago and I can't stop thinking about astronauts, because they are sweet. I'm actually wearing that hoodie right now. It's the only thing I ever wear lately. Besides pants. I even got my buddy Max to paint astronauts so there is no denying the pure awesomeness that is astronauts in general.
So I did a quick sketch of one of these nerdy heroes today.

I watched an interview with that German guy who's in space right now and they asked him if they were allowed to watch movies up there. He said they had "Apollo 13" and "Armageddon" among others. I thought that was hilarious. Who'd want to watch a movie that's all about a desastrous space mission while being on a mission in space? Astronauts are so badass.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not dead.

Ok I know I neglected this blog and I actually feel bad about it. Apologies to the three people who read this thing.
I won't even go into the details of my absence, "lazyness" pretty much sums it up though.

This is just a quick "blog'n'run" to let people know, that I'll be updating more often again.

Some pictures..

My entry for the first round of artbattle at the digitalartforum..
I got owned by Jaster, here's his entry. He pretty much RULES.

My picture summarizes my frustration with the topic for this round, which was "pan, telephone booth, skull".

Then there was the judging for the first round of thunderdome over at, and I got into the next round! Wheee.
Here is the picture..

Hm, what else...
Oh, I did a step by step selfportrait some time ago, you can check out all the steps HERE (scroll down for all the steps), and here's the final piece:

And here are two recent pages from my sketchbook..

My father, who had to undergo an operation on his knee some time ago. I used the oppurtunity to draw him while he sat there unable to move and helpless like a newborn. He had actually passed out on me shortly before I drew this because of his narcosis, which was REALLY fucking scary, I panicked for a moment there... his knee is getting better though. Love you dad.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Digitalartforum Artbattle..

Today I painted my character for the Digital Art Forum Artbattle..

I did some sketches earlier, they were pretty boring though.. So I did something completely different.
Here are the sketches, fucking lame.

That's it for now, there should be some finished art coming soon, with the Artbattle and Thunderdome coming up.
The heat is killing me right now.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Last weekend I traveled to Frankfurt to meet up with the digital decoy crowd. I think it's save to say that everyone had a blast. Read more about it at Alex' blog because I'm too lazy to write about it right now.
Since there were tons of collabos going on at the cintiqs and ultramegasize intuos3's somehow the Painter VS Photoshop discussion came up.. People would paint in PS and I would load the file into Painter to work on it. I just CAN'T paint in PS. Why anyone would use that program for painting is beyond me.

I made a boring sketch in PS yesterday, just to give it one more chance at least. PS failed.
I hated painting this:

The whole Photoshop suckiness got me in a bad mood, so I fired up my trusty ol' Painter and did this:

Oh the satisfaction..

I'm waiting for the collabos to be posted on the brandnew digitalartforum so I can post them here, until then, all you guys get are some sketches..

"Blessralle", from life..

Doodles on the nighttrain:

Some girl that slept all the way from Frankfurt to Berlin: