Tuesday, April 18, 2006

selfportrait madness

Ok, so I spent some more time on self-sketches and none of them turned out as expected. Here's the last and best one of about ten I did..

I guess I'll have to try harder.
To anyone who met me in person and is thinking up some witty comment right now, about how this doesn't look like me at all: Don't.

I thought about the whole digital vs. pencil thing and came up with an explanation. When I paint an sp using the computer, I do a rough line sketch which usually doesn't resemble me all that much, then I lay in big blobs of color, roughly defining the shapes and planes of the face and a fat dark blob that is my hair. This will get me a rough likeliness pretty early on, even though the initial sketch didn't look like me at all. It's kind of like a very basic wireframe when doing a sculpture with clay.. to have something to start with. With clay, you start out with big blobs of the stuff to get a rough shape, then you start refining with smaller blobs of clay.. That's like painting.
Drawing is like making the entire sculpture out of wire, with no clay at all. This means, of course, it takes longer to get something that resembles the face you want to portrait.

So I think I'm really just impatient with the pencil, I expect the portrait to look like me a few minutes into the process (like it does with painting), which doesn't happen so I get angry and sloppy to the point where I just want to get the damn thing done so I can move on to things that are more fun. Like.. orcs. Or stupid shit like that.
I just need to be more patient.

Or maybe that's complete and utter bullshit and the only thing that I need is more practice. I guess that'll do the trick.

edit: I just noticed that I look REALLY angry in that portrait, maybe that's because my nose seems to be broken.. >_<

Also, here's PFRT-MAN!


Anonymous PetePARKER said...

Hey Roadkill, nice to see some fresh stuff from you! Your lines are vivid as always, and I totally dig your thoughts on the difference between drawing and painting ... just a question: which format is this drawing on, and what pencils do you use?

cheerio, P

10:47 AM  
Blogger nachodoodles said...

Thanks Pete,
I used technical pencils with 0,7mm B and 2mm HB leads on A4 printer paper.. I never use any other pencils besides these two.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous maxetormer said...

He, he, if had a nickel every time
someone told me this, I would
be a freaking millinar and then
I could aford going to study
at San Fransico and... wait
Im rambling, ejmm, nice SP man
your pencils look good, far
better than mine, and even do this
might be a not much of a consolation,know that your stuff
looks real nice.

To anyone who met me in person and is thinking up some witty comment right now, about how this doesn't look like me at all: Don't.

6:56 PM  

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