Thursday, May 04, 2006

What summer feels like..

So summer arrived in Berlin and it's awesome. Yesterday, I tried hard to get this year's first sunburn but I still look pale and sickish..
The weather lures even the hardest of the hardcore geeks out of their holes though, so I don't really stick out.

I'm looking forward to sitting in the park and sketching, drinking, chatting.. hard to believe that I used to be a winter-person.

Been listening to a lot of great music, which also feels different in summer. Lots of Kings of Leon (Thanks to Valentin for that one), some Sufjan Stevens... but there's one song I've been listening to all day. It's Jim O'Rourke's "Fuzzy Sun" Which I found on Feed Me Good Tunes yesterday. It's fucking awesome.
I dunno if it's ok or not to host the song somewhere, I suggest you just head over there and grab the track..

Here's a weird thing I painted today:


Anonymous Timo said...

Hm, your music flavour sounds not so summer-like. It's more contemplative.

My current first choice:
DE:BUG Podcast



12:21 AM  
Anonymous Hanno said...

put that blog in my favorites

@timo lets see what those 104MB of podcast got

greetings the hanno

3:11 PM  

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