Saturday, June 03, 2006


Last weekend I traveled to Frankfurt to meet up with the digital decoy crowd. I think it's save to say that everyone had a blast. Read more about it at Alex' blog because I'm too lazy to write about it right now.
Since there were tons of collabos going on at the cintiqs and ultramegasize intuos3's somehow the Painter VS Photoshop discussion came up.. People would paint in PS and I would load the file into Painter to work on it. I just CAN'T paint in PS. Why anyone would use that program for painting is beyond me.

I made a boring sketch in PS yesterday, just to give it one more chance at least. PS failed.
I hated painting this:

The whole Photoshop suckiness got me in a bad mood, so I fired up my trusty ol' Painter and did this:

Oh the satisfaction..

I'm waiting for the collabos to be posted on the brandnew digitalartforum so I can post them here, until then, all you guys get are some sketches..

"Blessralle", from life..

Doodles on the nighttrain:

Some girl that slept all the way from Frankfurt to Berlin:


Anonymous stalkerone said...

omg ur ps skillz suck so baad.

ehm ja ich kanns verstehen, musst mir mal ninja mässig painter skills geben ..

12:48 PM  
Blogger Pierre said...

bin erst jetzt auf deinen blog aufmerksam geworden... schick! die bilderfindung aus abstrakten formen heraus ist auch eine ziemlich spannende angelegenheit!

12:35 PM  

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