Saturday, October 21, 2006

Art and Dicks.

There was a call for entries for the show "anonyme künstler" (artists anonymous.. i think?) at the Bluetenweiss gallery some time ago. I sent in two pieces, one that I really liked and another one that I just sent because I thought sending only one would be kind of lame.
The one I liked didn't get into the show, the other one did.

Ironically I only scanned the one that didn't make it. Here it is.

I snapped a photo of the other one, it's the one on the right. The two pictures with cocks in them were the only two sexually explicit pieces in the whole show, I couldn't help it but wonder why they put me in the porn-corner..

I made some photos, you can click through them HERE.

I did another selfportrait (yeah I know, boring..)

This link is just for Beni, because I keep telling him to check out the exclusive sketchbook of Nic Klein on SO BENI IF YOU READ THIS, CLICK THIS LINK YOU LAZY &#!%§, IT'S WORTH IT.. If you are registered on Conceptart and for some obscure reason know my blog but never visited this awesome thread, do it now. If you are not registered, you should do it just for Nic's art.