Tuesday, December 12, 2006

speedpaintings and schtuff

So what's been going on..
I'll be leaving my beloved Berlin soon, to go and study illustration in Hamburg. I'm excited!

Also, I did my first job as a caricature artist at a big event in Düsseldorf some time ago.. which was pretty awesome. I have some photos which I'll post next time. Thanks to Roberto for the hook-up, much aprreciated!

Did some speedpainting lately, some lifedrawings... not much more.

I get quite a few art-related comments concerning "style".. I guess I get influenced by other artists very easily, which bothers me a lot.
I'm well aware of the fact, that my stuff looks like this or that artist. I have a hard time deciding what I want my art to look like. I guess it will take some time to smooth out the bumps in my style.. everything will come together just fine some day - My influences, my knowledge and.. well, me.
It's just that I feel like it should be going faster.

Anyhow.. You guys will probably be able to tell who's making a big impression on me right now, by the pictures I post today. :)

Here's a knight I painted today.

I like painting fantasy related stuff from time to time.. so here's another one.

Some lifedrawings in my sketchbook, done in ballpoint pen. These are fairly small.

And some abstractizzle shizzle, which I painted one night when I couldn't sleep. Arty!

Nothing else to show right now. I should do some more pencil sketching or actually dabble with real paint..
So lazy.