Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Painted this tonight, when my friend Max came over to paint. We burned through two bottles of whine while he did a comissioned illustration (which turned out awesome) and I tried my hand at an environment.. I'm quite happy with the outcome.
The picture kind of emerged from some abstract shapes (as usual), but I took it a bit further than usual.

I feel like I've been making progress with my paintings lately, since I dare to move out of my comfort zone much more often than before.. It feels good.

Later we tried our hands on two collaborative paintings, but we where too drunk/tired to do anything decent and had used up all our creative juices on the bigger paintings. Still, these were fun to do. Quite speedy and stupid, too..



In other news, I finished all my college-projects in time (yay all-nighters) which makes me the most relaxed person on earth. Sleep is awesome.